Over the years, we have acquired a considerable amount of specilized know-how. Whether you are
planning a card game, a puzzle, a large edition board game or a Kickstarter project, we will be happy to assist and advice you.

Here you can see how  a general process looks like at our company

01 Product Development

Product Development & Offer Phase

We will discuss with you how the product can be mplemented best in terms of design and production. In doing so, we always keep an eye on cost structure for you.

Then we generate a detailed offer, containing specifications on the corresponding product components.

02 Production

Print Data & Punching Tools

We advise and support you in the implementation of print data and technical drawings for punching tools.

Print Data Control

Within our internal data control process, we check the integrity of the data before it goes on press.

Quality Control

Your product is constantly subject to random quality controls: from receiving, during the production of the individual parts until packaging. Our dedicated employees do their very best to ensure that we can deliver the optimum product.

Made in the USA

Production is completed at our USA facility.

03 Product Distribution

Shipping & Limited Distribution

After production, we will work with you to set up your distribution methods.

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